About Us

Our Team, Our Community

Our family owned & operated business believes in working towards brightening the future for indigenous people by creating opportunities for employment within our Diversified Building Services and other valued employers.

We do this by making personal connections with the traditional owners and elders of the land on which we are working and encourage them to engage the young members of their community in our workforce.

Our company’s diversity allows indigenous people to become multi-skilled and adaptable in their professional life and, as we are a licensed building company we are also able to offer carpentry apprenticeships for those who may be interested in pursing a specialty career.

With the company officially becoming operational in 2015. We aim to create unmatched positive relationships with our valued customers and help them with any electrical problem. We offer a number of services, from commercial custom projects to specialised.

24/7 Availability

We are available 24/7 for any project you need to complete in a timely manner.

Competitive Rates

Highly competitive labour rates for skilled and unskilled labour.

High Safety Standards

Our team follow strict safety procedures to ensure everyone returns home to their family safely.

Site Ready

Our candidates are 'site ready' to ensure they can walk on your site ready to commence work right away.

Vision Statement

We are the GO TO for all your community infrastructure solutions specialising in the rural and mining industries across Australia.

Our Values


walk the talk


have each others back


giving your best


work it out together

Our Clients