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Schedule of Rates

Schedule of Rates

Please see below our current availability for Labour and Machinery for Central Queensland. If you are interested in hiring any of these options, contact us via our 'Contact Us' page.

ServiceAverage PriceAvailability
Project Manager$95 p/h 3-4 weeks
Supervisor$85 p/h 2-3 weeks
Carpenter$80 p/h 2-3 weeks
Concreter$85 p/h 2-3 weeks
Electrician$90 p/h Now
Plumber$90 p/h 2-3 weeks
Painter$72 p/h 2-3 weeks
Labourer / Trades Assistant$55 p/h 1 week
Cleaner$55 p/h 1 week
Truck Driver$58 - 68 p/h 1-2 weeks
Skilled Operators$65 - $70 p/h 1-2 weeks
Excavator 5t (Wet Hire)$115 p/h Now
Tilt Tray Truck (Wet Hire)$115 p/h Now
Flat Bed Truck (Wet Hire)$115 p/h Now
Water Semi Truck (Wet Hire)$115 p/h Now
Water Cart Body Truck (Wet Hire)$95 p/h Now
Mine Vehicle (Dry Hire)$75 per day 1 week
Mower (Dry Hire)$80 per day 1 Week
Spray Unit (Dry Hire)$50 per day 1 week
*All prices are excluding GST. Wet Hire prices include fuel.

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